We are expanding, and we need good people. Look around this Web site. If after your visit you feel that you would like to become a part of our team, read on.

We are currently — and actively — looking for the following professionals:

We need good people... Job descriptions are shown below. To contact us, you can use a regular mail, an e-mail, a FAX or a phone.

Eventually, we would like to talk to you in person. In the meantime, while you may have learned some things about us from this Web site, there is one thing you could not discover:

this is the best environment you ever worked in (we hope you will find this out firsthand).

Operations Assistant

Bright, capable, reliable, computer literate, technically inclined, well familiar with basic accounting and bookkeeping, perfect English (and a perfect Spanish, in addition to a perfect English, would be fantastic!).

Any experience in running a small office — anything and everything, from business letters to marketing campaigns, from bills and calls to small (but serious!) research projects, from planning to errands — is a big plus.

Recent college graduates and seasoned part-timers are also welcome to apply — your initiative and your enthusiasm will count.

Once you know what you are doing, the possibilities are endless — as are challenges and rewards.

Sales Representative

With direct rebates and other buyer incentives, a highly competitive pricing, the market experience, and an unmatched set of features, the best suite of products on the market has a great appeal and an enormous potential for any sales professional, but especially, for someone who knows the market and the buyer.

What will help? A solid knowledge of the construction industry, sheet metal manufacturing (in all of its incarnations — from HVAC to shipbuilding). Good computer skills (not just literacy, but a bit of finesse — after all, you will be selling computer-based tools and equipment). Personal integrity, honesty, reliability, and drive.

Track record is a very big plus — but we are always willing to give a chance to a bright, energetic and talented rookie.

A generous commission is guaranteed. We will discuss the rest when we get to meet you.

If you are serious about this, you already looked at some of our products.

The question you have to answer: Can you successfully represent them — and us — to the rest of the world?