Currently, we offer user training for our PractiCAM and PractiCAD software to all of our current and prospective clients.

Our usual training, just like our phone support, is free of charge (however, you are responsible for the trainee’s travel expenses), and it is available for as long as you own the product — and as often, and for as many of your employees as you may need.

We offer three types of training: on-line training, standard training, and on-site training.

Link to WebEx Web site If you have a high speed Internet access and a telephone line in your office, our on-line training, conducted via WebEx (, represents the best training value —  your employees can go through the training program without ever leaving the office, or even their desk. And it is free.

A WebEx session is not a “canned” on-line presentation — it is an on-line interactive conference, hosted by our trainer and attended by your staff. Using WebEx, our trainer can present and run PractiCAM or PractiCAD directly on your computer's desktop, while answering questions and addressing specific issues and concerns raised by your employees. Generally, your employees are ready to start using PractiCAM and PractiCAD just after a few hours of the on-line training. And this training can be repeated or continued as needed, at your convenience —  at no extra charge.

Our standard training is conducted, free of charge, in our Houston office (here is a Google map of our location), Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. till 5 p.m., Central time.

We suggest two full days for most users, but we will be happy to accommodate shorter or longer training times your employees may require.

If you purchase PractiCAM or PractiCAD as a part of the complete package (including the ESAB plasma cutter), the on-site training is provided free of charge.

Occasionally, when you want to train several of your key employees, travel costs become prohibitive. We may review your request for an additional on-site training, and come to your shop. Such requests are handled on an individual basis, and require you to pay our per diem rate (currently $1200/day), plus expenses for such trip.

During training (of every type), we review the software with an extensive focus on your specific manufacturing setup, including your cutting equipment, manufacturing practices, and your shop standards and logistics. At the same time, we also review and address all custom modifications and enhancements your company may require.

To schedule your training, please call us at 866.870.1014 or 281.870.1014 or send your training request to Please indicate your tentative training dates, as well as possible special requirements or preferences you may have.