Your PractiCAD takes advantage of every advance in computer technology. The following list of system requirements is not complete (new hardware becomes available every day), but it is a good starting point for configuring or checking your PractiCAD system.

If you have any questions or doubts about your existing system or your prospective purchase, please do not hesitate to give us a call — we will be glad to assist you in your selection, and in case of a new computer, your phone call may save a lot of time and effort for you and for us.

  • Pentium IV processor (2.8 GHz or faster), or Pentium D (1.8 MHz or faster); the faster is your processor, the faster you will draw.

  • 1 Gigabyte of RAM minimum (2 GB and more is recommended);

  • 100 Megabytes available hard disk storage space for system installation. Your database (your jobs, drawings, takeoffs, and your shop libraries) will require additional space, determined by the variety and the extent of your work.

  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional operating system.

  • AutoCAD 2006 software from Autodesk. You may want to check any additional system requirements for AutoCAD 2006 on Autodesk Web site

  • If you intend to print or plot anything, you will need communication ports. Depending on peripherals (printers and plotters) you decide to use, you will need parallel (LPT) and/or USB (Universal Serial Bus) ports. Depending on your requirements, you may need anywhere from one to three ports (to match the number of your peripherals).
Compaq Dell Toshiba HP Intel Microsoft Windows XP
  • Note: Neither Windows XP Media Edition nor Windows XP Home Edition are suitable for running an industrial system.

The optional (but highly desirable) equipment includes:

  • A better monitor (17” or larger) will improve your working environment for drafting and design tasks, by making drawing and data input easier on your eyes.

  • A second monitor. AutoCAD allows you to use two monitors at once (a dual monitor system), and PractiCAD with its completely custom screen layout and completely custom toolsets will take advantage of this feature.
These recommendations will ensure that your system will comfortably handle the next generation of enhancements to your PractiCAD software.

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