We have developed a  new line of cost-effective universal NC controllers  for simplified equipment operation (including NC cutting equipment).

PractiCut controllers are based on our proprietary design and aimed primarily at running light-to-medium duty equipment. They are perfectly suited for smaller shops, where  tremendous cost savings combined with an easy, simple and economical operation offer the most effective solution to the industrial control tasks  (main application area:  motion control and data logging). .

PractiCut controllers are designed around 8051 series chip, and are capable of working with various software packages, including MicroC, BasCom, Keil, and Salvo.

PractiCut specifications:

22.1184 Mhz clock speed. 64K EEPROM. 128K Flash, 2K RAM; LCD, keypad connectors; RS232 port, infrared port, 8 digital inputs, 4 powerful outputs (up to 80V 50A); 8 high performance H-bridges, capable of driving up to 4 stepper motors or 8 DC motors or similar devices (up to 80V 50A); adjustable current feedback system; multimedia card socket up to 128Mb.

Every PractiCut controller comes with a demo software set and a large sample library and  all PractiCut controllers are fully compatible with PractiCAM software. 

Simple, easy, reliable — and cheap. A blessing for smaller shops and anyone working with NC equipment.