Now read closely.
We will pay you
for buying PractiCAM and PractiCAD.
Yes — we will.

Bring us a purchase order from any company (including yours) and get the 10% sales commission — this is up to $1995 directly to you for every copy of PractiCAM and up to $1000 for every copy of PractiCAD sold with your help! *

Yes, we are paying the commission on any sale you bring to us — directly to you!  Your check for the commission will be issued as soon as we get fully paid by the purchaser. *

Fill out our purchase order form, print it out, get an authorized signature on it, and make sure that your name, address and your tax I.D. are in Submitted by fields. Send it to us with an order letter on a company letterhead. Then just wait for your check. *

Yes — it is that simple.

Please read the Terms & Conditions section of our Web site for general description and specific details of this offer.
We will pay you a sales commission!