The task of cutting insulating materials is one of the most time and labor consuming tasks in duct manufacturing.

The VapoJet process, designed and developed by ESAB engineers specifically for the HVAC industry, represents the only ecologically clean and cost-effective method of cutting insulation materials (or any other low density materials) at working speeds up to 750 ipm.

The VapoJet process is based on using a jet stream of a high-pressure water vapor produced at room temperature by a specially designed jet attachment.
ESAB VapoJet
VapoJet can be mounted on its own cutting table, or can be used on the same gantry with the plasma torch.

ESAB VapoJet and plasma torch

The VapoJet process is safe, clean and simple, and it offers all the advantages of waterjet cutting at a fraction of the cost. Our PractiCAM software fully supports the VapoJet liner cutting operations in every equipment configuration.