Since 1995, when MetaLab Inc. was established in Houston, Texas, we have provided various products and services to our clients in United States and abroad.

Our staff members (in their current and previous engagements) had continuously worked in our main field of interest — automated CAD, CAM and estimating systems for construction, HVAC and sheet metal industries — for over 17 years.

We have participated in many projects worldwide, simple and complex, and now there are over 300 years of diverse working experience gained in technology, design, science and engineering, going into things we make.
If you happened to be in the Houston area, you are welcome to visit our office. We are always happy to see visitors, and we will be glad to show you around.

If you are our customer (current or prospective), please drop us a note — we would like to know how we can help you, now or in the future.